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Imagine a high octane ugly sweater party where every guest is an incredible Tap Dancer, Singer, and of musician!! 


Excitement, infectious vibes, electric tap dancing and virtuosic performances abound! It’s not long into this party that trouble shows up.. 

The Neapolitans, an accapella singing, beatboxing  doo-wop team of “investigators” (think ghostbusters meets weird al) burst in looking for evidence of a HUMBUG being at the party!!

They won’t quit interrupting the party goers celebration until they crack the case and get to the bottom of, “WHO BROUGHT THE HUMBUG?” Online Live Musical Theatre Event.

This brand new, incredibly creative,  take on a family friendly holiday show is guaranteed to put a smile on even the the grouchiest grump in your family!  Tune in December 12th to help solve the holiday mystery...  “WHO BROUGHT THE HUMBUG?”



Alex Steele

Anna Esposito

Ashley Gonzalez

Austin Beery

Chris Rutledge

Cory Blanchard

Dan Ristrom

David Feily

Drew Geck

Eric Buegler

Faye Lewis


Hillary Palmer

Josh Alfaro

Josh Vosberg

Michael Keefe

Reed Grimm

Ricci Milan

Tanner Montague

Zach Thayer

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